Have you ever been too tired to deal with people? 

Do you have trouble sleeping at night?

Have you been losing your concentration very easily lately?

Has your outlook turned sour lately?

It’s Time to Build a Healthy Self

The questions above are all signs of emotional exhaustion or “burnout.” They are very real problems and they are incredibly common in our society. Many people face them. These symptoms have far-reaching impacts on our physical health and they limit our abilities as human’s. Perhaps most unfairly, they are also a self-fulfilling prophecy, meaning once our outlook starts to sour it gets harder and harder to deal with people, sleep at night, or concentrate. In short, individuals that have lost their emotional center have a hard time getting it back.

Many people who are struggling with emotional exhaustion or burnout turn to therapy and start an exhaustive process of breaking their life down in excruciating detail only to rebuild it.

Other Approaches to Rebuilding a Healthy Self

There is no doubting that many people in our society face stress all day every day. Stressed-out people are not effective at work which causes them to be work harder and later. This then puts strain on their home life and their commitment to their family. Finally, this stress puts stress on their relationships with their extended family and their friendships. It is not always the work setting that is the epicenter of people’s stresses.

Unfortunately, we will ALWAYS have stress in our lives to some degree. Living Harbor created a Retreat Series to help people identify, minimize, and manage the stress in their life. Unlike therapy, which requires a complete overhaul of you as an individual, “Building a Healthy Self” helps people fine-tune their self-awareness to manage their life more effectively.

Building a Healthy Self Quickly and Effectively

We understand the many demands on your time. Most people have jobs, partners, children, parents, and a network of friends and hobbies that do not leave us with a ton of time for ourselves. We get it. That’s why we have created this series to help you “Build a Healthy Self” in a comfortable amount of time without losing traction on your job, your relationships with your friends and families, and allow you to live your life to the fullest. We firmly believe that a few moments to collect yourself in a safe and fun environment will get you back on the path to being the best you that you can be.

Two Options to Building a Healthy Self

Find an offering that works for you:

Pick an option that works best for you. If you are a professional caregiver, please email Laura for a discount code.

The journey towards a healthy self begins with the first step. We look forward to seeing you in March!