A caregiver has a difficult job. The Living Harbor Retreat Series provides Caregiver Support to allow those who focus on other’s to take a moment for themselves. It is not easy to emotionally support a loved one and maintain balance. It’s not for everybody. Many caregivers are heroes, but they do not see themselves that way. They are so generous with their own time, love, and energy. They deserve a break and they probably could use some caregiver support.

Caregiver Support Options:

Not all caregiver support options encourage peer sharing in a safe and comfortable environment. Not all caregiver support groups provide helpful emotional skills and techniques to improve caregiver quality. Most importantly, not all caregiver support groups are facilitated by a licensed marriage and family therapist.

The Living Harbor Retreat:

The Living Harbor Retreat provides caregivers a breath of fresh air they need to keep doing what they are doing. The skills we practice allow caregivers to “set healthy boundaries” in a loving and respectful way. Caregivers deserve an opportunity to share their experiences free of judgment, and they deserve the right to set healthy boundaries.

Come join the Living Harbor Retreat Series:

Whether you take care of a family-member, a friend, or a stranger—you deserve a breath of fresh air. We’re confident that the retreat will show you how to set healthy boundaries. If you or somebody you love is very generous with their time, it might be time that they consider the Living Harbor. Please email Laura Tsang, LMFT to talk about Living Harbor.