Thank you all for coming to our first gathering, Initiating a Shift” in 2019. Here are the highlights from the gathering.

  • It is important to have self-awareness which helps you recognize what is healthy in your life.
  • Respecting ourselves is crucial for us to set healthy boundaries.
  • Recognizing when to disengage in toxic relationship.
  • Recognizing the meaning of forgiveness is to let go of the toxic energy in your life.
  • Respecting people who choose to stay in miserable. It’s not our job to rescue.
  • Giving yourself permission to love people from different distance.

Outline for New Year KickOff 2019


First of all, Happy New Year to all of you if I haven’t said it to you before. 

Thank you for coming today. I have been a therapist since 2001. I always want to expand my work in different areas. So couple years ago, I made my decision to start Living Harbor. My goal is to reach out to more families to share and practice the meaning of Living Your Healthy True Self”. 

In 2017, I developed the ground work for Living Harbor. 

Last year I spent a large portion of time learning and participating in social media, such as writing blogs, updating my website which I am still learning and progressing. 

Another area that I want to develop this year is to have a local community, starting from our “home”. My hope is for us to bring the experience in this group back to your home and community. 

I am planning to have a monthly gathering. Each month has a theme. Each theme is connected with one another. The main purpose is for us to build a foundation in our daily life which will facilitate emotional growth and practice “Living Your Healthy True Self in reality

I hope our gathering will bring joy, fun, safety, and meaningful sharing. We are all here to support each other. I am learning to connect with more people. My role in the gathering would be the organizer and facilitator.  I definitely have wonderful helpers who have been loving, encouraging and supporting me in all these years. I want to use such opportunity to say thank you. I would like you to take time to be part of this group.  We are here to celebrate life. I would like to see the growth in us in this group organically.

This month, the theme is Initiating a “Shift” in 2019. Before we start, shall we start with meditation, learning how to connect between our head and heart? 


  • Tracy will lead us for meditation
  • Sharing & Introduce yourself to the group

Initiating a “Shift” in 2019

  • Any particular area in your life which you would like to be different or improve or healthier in this year?
  • Any small steps you would like to start with?


Celebration Meditation 

  • Tracy will lead us for Celebration Meditation


  • In between our gatherings, welcome to connect one another through  Facebook, Twitter, and Living Harbor website.