Thank you all for coming to our gathering, Practicing Persistency.  Here are the highlights of our sharing:

Source of Resistance: 

No mater how much we want to move forward in life, resistance is always there to hold us back. Let’s identify a few resistance that we are facing daily.

  • Excuses
  • Can’t Do attitude
  • Anxiety
  • Fear of pain, rejection, disappointment, not good enough and unknown

Overcome Resistance:

Before we can practice the persistence in everyday life, overcome the resistance is crucial. Having self-awareness is always the first step to help us develop insight. Let’s explore different strategies to overcome the resistance in us.

  • Requires experiences through keep trying and practicing over time.
  • Taking time, breathe in to deposit the positive and joyful feeling into your heart. Enjoy and celebrate the small success in order to build confidence from inside out for the long run.
  • Respect your own limit
  • Set realistic expectation
  • Start with what you can do in your current ability.
  • Celebrating and comparing your progress along the way. 
  • Self validation
  • Stop making excuses
  • Just DO IT instead of waiting for the ideal moment to start.