Time for Celebration

It was so happy meeting new people as always. We were all in different life journey but somehow we met today.  Thank you for your heart-felt sharing. We all were encouraged and inspired by one another. This was such a fruitful gathering. We all created a safe and secure environment for such sharing. I enjoyed it very much. 

Highlights of Our gathering.

  • Having self-reflection is the key to improve your awareness in recognizing your emotional habits.
  • Instead of hoping your circumstance would change, taking responsibility in responding vs reacting preserves your positive energy. 
  • Taking time to slow down and quiet down would bring you emotional clarity.
  • Recognizing your unhealthy emotional patterns provides you opportunity to be responsible for your behaviors. 
  • Many of your E-Habits was learned and established from your family of origin. Taking time to reflect on which E-Habits are healthy, useful, and meaningful and which are not would facilitate your emotional growth.

Welcome to share your thoughts with us. I look forward to meeting you in our next gathering in April.