CThank you all for coming to our monthly gathering. We came back as a group after Spring Break and Easter. We adjusted well into this time of the year. We definitely enjoyed the sunshine and warmer weather. Our energy level seems to be increasing. 


Topic for this month is Reflecting on Your Belief System. Here are the highlights of our sharing. 

  • Many of us have learned a set of beliefs from our family of origin. For instance, we should work hard with good work ethic. Or when people do bad things, they will be punished. In reality, we realize discrepancy occurs from time to time. As a result internal conflicts were created. 
  • The beliefs that we have in our system could turn into criticism to ourselves or judgement to others. Are these beliefs still working for us today?
  • Learning and understanding our own belief system help us distinguish if we are blindly followed the expectations from the world or if we have enough awareness to know the difference by respecting and listening to our true self. This is a sign of how much you value yourself, our self worth. Our true self has the ability to recognize if our belief system is still meaningful and workable in our present stage of life. Once we recognize the difference, it is important for us to respond to such awareness.
  • It is important to reflect and review if the beliefs that we have still working for us today. Adjustment is necessary which will bring positive connections in relationships. After all, listening and responding to our true self help us to find balance in everyday life.

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