Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Are you feeling stretched-too-thin or are you being pulled in a thousand directions at once? Maybe you are you trying to do it all and do it all perfectly? Do you also feel like the more you try, the harder you fall behind? Do you remember a time when you could do it all? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could be experiencing anxiety.

Employee, Parent, Spouse, Friend, PTA Member, etc…

So many of us have highly demanding jobs, parenting duties, relationships to maintain, a house to clean, and our own sanity to maintain. There simply are not enough hours in the day. For so many of us, trying to do it all just leads to anxiety, negativity, and resentment.

Yoga, Meditation, Exercise, Diet

You have tried exercise, yoga, meditation, and changed your diet—but all of this just adds to the anxiety of not having enough hours and the day—and actually creates more anxiety, negativity, and resentment.

Methods of Saying “No”

Instead of adding more things to do in your daily life, why not consider some tools and techniques to help you “say no” to some things. “Saying no” is not easy for many of us, as we try to be a trusted employee, devoted marital partner, loyal friend, or a loving parent.

There are a few tricks and techniques that can help ease some of this anxiety and put you on a path towards peacefulness, optimism, and happiness.

Living Harbor Retreat Series

Come join us on February 18th aboard the Living Harbor Retreat Series to learn many of these tricks that will be useful for the rest of your life. The art and science of “saying no” are techniques that are best discovered sooner than later—it’s time for a change.