Announcing the Living Harbor Retreat Series

The Living Harbor retreat series was created to provide individuals with the emotional tools they need to persevere in an occasionally tumultuous world. Unfortunately, many of us suffer from some forms of anxiety. This series was created by Laura Tsang, a Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor. Through her 16 years of counseling she has seen a number of recurring themes. As an opportunity to give back to her community, this retreat series was created to reach a wider audience.

Throughout her counseling and in the retreats, Living Harbor allows participants to experience unique moments of calmness and serenity. In this environment, the instructors will guide the individuals through a series of emotional techniques and tools to center themselves outside the safe confines of the retreat. At Living Harbor, the tools you learn are yours forever—we just offer the solitude and the expertise to sharpen these tools.

If your emotional self could use some TLC or if you are in dire straits, please consider letting Living Harbor guide your spiritual center back to the peacefulness and calm of a safe harbor.

The first ships enter the Living Harbor on February 18, come on board.