What is E-Habits?

Once we talk about habits, we often associate with our daily behaviors, such as physical exercises, personal hygiene or study habits. Have you thought about your emotional habits? I called it E-Habits. How does E-Habits relate to you? 

Many of us grew up from the generation that emotional health was not emphasized as much as in today’s society. Somehow consciously and subconsciously we have developed our own E-Habits since we were young. Some of these habits are learned from your parental home and some through different experiences. Do you recognize which E-Habits would be healthy and benefit you and which ones are the opposite? The month of March is going to explore how your E-Habits affect your emotional growth and relationships.

Reflection Questions:

  • Do you recognize the pattern of your parents’ E-Habits? 
  • Do you recognize the pattern of your E-Habits?
  • How has your E-Habits affected you? 
  • How does your E-Habits affect your relationships? 
  • What are your E-Habits which you want to keep?
  • What are your E-Habits which you want to change?

Welcome to join Living Harbor Monthly Gathering, Recognizing Your E-Habits on March 31, 2019 between 3-5 pm. Tickets are available on Eventbrite