Over the past 8 months, Living Harbor has led retreats to help individuals, Discover A Healthy True Self, Discover Healthy Relationships, and Discover Healthy Boundaries. These events have been very positive and have helped individuals find their life’s purpose and work to achieve their full potential.

Online Group Support

As we turn to our next phase of Living Harbor, we want to support a larger audience. We are proud to announce a new program of free online support groups. In these groups, like-minded individuals can come and share their feelings, seek and provide support from their peers, learn practical skills to become better communicators, and become the healthy true self they were destined to become. Our first group will be tailored towards women who could use an ounce of support.

Goals of Online Group Support

Within these forums, individuals will learn how to:

  • Have Peace in your Daily Life
  • Have Discipline in your Daily Life
  • Be a Blessing for Others
  • Have Healthier and Happier Relationships.
  • Be Aware of your Needs, Wants and Desires.
  • Set and Achieve your Goals
  • Unlock your Inner Potential

Sign up today for our Google Group, Women with Hopes, and start the journey to becoming your Healthy True Self you’ve always known you could be.

We look forward to seeing you there!