Living Harbor’s Charter

“Living Harbor provides tranquility from life’s uncertain seas.

In the safe confines of the Living Harbor, individuals can uncover their life’s purpose and chart courses towards their life’s full potential.

Within the Living Harbor is a strong supportive community of other individuals also polishing their navigation tools, realizing their potential, and discovering their life as a Healthy True Self

A Supporting Community

Living Harbor is a community of individuals achieving their life’s potential. This community provides strong support for all of the other members of the community. These individuals create a safe, fun, and creative environment.

These individuals have all acknowledged that in order to achieve our life’s potential and purpose, we must support one another.

Living Harbor Retreats

Living Harbor Retreats chart the course for individuals to understand their life’s purpose and achieve their life’s potential. These retreats provide the tranquility for individuals to safely and constructively finetune their Life Navigation Tools.

Life Navigation Tools

The Living Harbor Retreats are a series of workshops. Within these workshops, individuals polish their life navigation tools. Fine-tuning these tools will uncover each individual’s life purpose, achieve their life’s potential, and they will persist as a healthy true self.

Emotional Clarity

Helps us identify our true emotions and teaches us to respond to them instead of reacting to them

Improved Communication

Shows us how to communicate emotional issues in a constructive and healthy manner

More Confidence

Provides us with the strength to directly achieve the healthy true self we have set out to be

Realistic Expectations

Allows us to experience self-fulfillment, autonomy, and to maintain our healthy true self forever