Heart of Living Harbor™

The Heart of Living Harbor™ provides proactive strategies and tools to equip you psychologically and emotionally for your life transition.

Emotional Clarity: Emotional Awareness

We were all born with emotions, each with a function and purpose. By understanding our emotions and utilizing them wisely, we can learn to benefit from them. However, if we let our emotions control us, we feel out of control, lost and confused. Having emotional clarity is the key to helping us regain security and certainty while facing our everyday life. Learning how to increase emotional awareness is the first step in the process of restoring Your Healthy True Self™.

Genuine Communication: Head to Heart Talk

Everyone knows how to communicate. However, do you know what Genuine Communication, Head to heart Talk is? Do you know how to communicate effectively and constructively? This is the second step in the process of restoring Your Healthy True Self™.

Authentic Confidence: Conflict Resolution

What is Authentic Confidence? Have you been building your confidence on external validation? Or do you know how to build true confidence from the inside out? Out of the many conflicts we experience daily, have you thought about the internal conflicts that we have between our head and heart? Do you want to build authentic confidence from the inside out? This is the third step in the process of restoring Your Healthy True Self™.

Realistic Expectation: Reality Check

Experiencing disappointment in our day to day lives unfortunately happens too often.  Have you thought about what causes such disappointment? Having realistic expectations is crucial for us to restore Your Healthy True Self™.

Laura Tsang LMFT

Relationship Coach

I am your Relationship Coach. Being a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Seattle, WA for over two decades, my work has been helping individuals and couples to “fix” or “cure” their relational issues. I am making a shift in my work for you and your family. My desire is to focus on preparing you to have healthy, authentic relationships. My wish is to help you learn positive approaches and strategies before any relationship crisis arises. If we all start learning, nurturing, and growing our relationships from a “Healthy True Self” spectrum, I am confident that many relational regrets and griefs could be prevented. Let’s work together to discover your Healthy True Self by engaging with me, your Relationship Coach today.


My approach to Relationship Coaching emphasizes on Authentic Connection: Just the Way You Are. 

Being your Relationship Coach, I am here supporting, guiding, inspiring, and motivating you towards your success and fulfillment in life. I have full confidence in you and your ability to change. My goal is to activate the potential in you. New tools, skills, strategies, and insights tailored to your needs will be provided in our coaching process. You do not need to be alone in facing these challenges. Allow me to walk with you on your journey. Let’s take on the challenge(s) and turn them into new opportunities and adventures. Success is just around the corner. What are you waiting for?