Living Your Healthy True Self™

Living Harbor is a community created by many individuals who value emotional growth and maturity in a secure, authentic and lively environment.

Living Harbor is About

Guiding and Coaching you on the path to discover and restore Your Healthy True Self™.

Seeing you Living Your Healthy True Self™ is the mission of Living Harbor.

The Heart of Living Harbor provides proactive strategies and tools to equip you psychologically and emotionally for your life transition.

What We Offer

Individual and small group coaching strengthens your emotional fitness through practicing living Your Healthy True Self™. Participants are encouraged and welcome to bring in their specific concerns and areas that they want to work on.
Emotional Fitness Coaching Courses are designed for some individuals who want self-enrichment in a specific topic with systematic direction. The following courses are available in individual coaching.

Who We Serve

Every individual, couple, and family continually goes through life transition. Each stage has its common theme and challenges. We should learn to equip ourselves to go through it courageously and confidently. Prevention is better than a cure and thus is the key for Successful Transition.




Parent Child Relationships


Couple Relationships

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