Practicing Persistency

Theme of February

Practicing Persistency is the theme for the month of February in 2019. After committing to make a “shift” in our daily living, now it’s time to put things into perspective and practice. Many of us have set New Year resolutions and goals for the year. Going into the month of February would be the best time to start implementing these steps realistically in order to move towards your goal(s) for the year. Are you ready to start the process?

Any Resistance in You?

Resistance is always the hidden force which stops us from moving forward, isn’t it? In the beginning, we usually have enough positive energy and momentum to start the process. Once the process keeps moving forward to a certain point, our energy starts slowing down and sometimes even declining. The struggle arises at this point. Are you aware of these instances in your experiences? Have you thought about what holds you back from progressing? What are your internal struggles? Do you have your story to share with us?

Before routine can be established healthily and successfully, let’s “debug in our system.” Shall we?

Reflection Questions:

  • What does resistance mean to you?
  • Are you able to identify the resistance in you which hold you back from stepping forward and pursing your goal(s)?
  • What are the strategies that work for you to overcome your resistance?

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