Do You Recognize The “Steel Wall” In You?

The Steel Wall is an Emotional Barrier

I have encountered many individuals who have been holding a “heavy steel wall” around their hearts, throughout my years as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. This steel wall has isolated them from others and has left them feeling empty.  It was created to help them deal with anxiety. They use this steel wall throughout their life. It is exhausting. If you are one of the many who are tired of carrying this steel wall, it’s time to consider the Living Harbor Retreat series.   Are you ready to feel alive again?

Pinpointing the Anxiety

The Living Harbor Retreat series will teach you to identify where, when, and how has the steel wall was developed. Unfortunately, for many of us it dates back to childhood. We have all experienced different kinds of trauma, neglect, rejection, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, or physical abuse. As adults, different experiences like divorce, depression, anxiety, PTSD, breakup, and others also trigger us to reinforce this steel wall. This steel wall protects us from further anxiety. People hide behind this steel wall for protection. As a result, people often feel trapped.

Using The Steel Wall as an Emotional Tool

At the same time, this steel wall also separates people from connecting with each other. Perhaps, we could look at it differently. Perhaps we can embrace this steel wall and let it help us find our center. Instead of holding it tight, we should learn to open or close it effectively. Why can’t this steel wall become a security gate for us? Let’s turn the pain of the steel wall into the helpful tool of the security gate today.