Reality Dating

Have you had a chance to check out our blog post, Cinderella Reality Check? If so, did you find any ideas you could relate to? Does the story of Cinderella still exist in our everyday life?

Another reality is that dating has never been easy in modern society. We all wish we could find a partner easily and effortlessly, just like the romantic heroes in movies or fairy tales. But this is not the reality most of us experience, is it?

Essential Tools for Dating

But reality does not have to discourage you. Instead, I hope to draw us closer in to reality and examine it together, so that we can advance the dating process wisely, using healthy tools.

When was the last time you had these conversations in your mind?

How many commercial dating venues have I used during the last six months?
What has been working?
What has improved?
What have I learned?
Have I had any success so far?
What has been not working?
Why is it still not working?
What’s wrong with me?
What’s missing?
I am exhausted!

Does Commercial Dating Work?

Many individuals have told me that the longer they use commercial dating media, the less confident they become. Are you in a similar situation? Have you tried to understand why? Does the process leave you feeling drained and discouraged? Do you worry that this approach is making you less attractive rather than more attractive over time?

Maybe you have tried to do all the things you are “supposed” to do, according to the recommendations of dating experts, yet you still have had no success.

Tell Me What I Can Do To Improve….

Have you thought about spending a little extra time to try and see what is really going on?

The truth is none of us have “enough” dating experience. There is no formal education that can teach us what to do and how to behave in dating, much less how to develop healthy relationships and marriages. Yet without such knowledge, many of us keep repeating the same failed methods.

Many of my clients have reached a point where they want to be more proactive about the process itself, and to be emotionally healthy in the process. Have you reached such a point?

Of course, this is a commitment that will take time and effort. But there is no such thing as success without real work, is there? If you want to learn how to cook, you might take cooking classes. If you want to learn how to garden, you can be proactive and join a garden club or study horticulture.

Some clients love taking continuing education classes, whether academic or recreational. Isn’t this is how we enrich our minds and keep our interests alive? Are you willing to invest time and energy for something as important as finding a life long partner? Let’s try a new approach: Reality Dating.

Before we start, we will provide you with Essential Tools over the next few weeks. These will help you polish your online profile and approach initial meetings in a more comfortable, healthy manner.