Equip Yourself: Walking with Living Harbor 2019

Getting Ready

Life is an ongoing journey for us. I don’t think anyone would disagree with that. Since the day I recognized my calling back in 2008, my life has been different. The desire in me has been growing. I take every opportunity I can to nurture myself, physically and emotionally.

Gaining Physical Strength

I value my physical health. The quality of sleep of my daily is important to restore my physical energy. It directly affects my level of concentration and my ability to think clearly and effectively. Frankly, I am still working on it.  At least I am well aware of what might affect my quality of sleep, such as if my emotional well being suffers. Food also affects the amount of sleep I get. I have tried not to eat processed food and decrease my intake of sugar and carbs. I have been consciously eating organic fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat. I have been learning to take better care of my body which affects my mind. Having discipline to exercise regularly is also crucial to me. Regular exercise increases my physical and mental strength.  Throughout the process, self-awareness with action matters.

Strengthen Your Emotions

Are you aware of your emotional sensitivity? I have learned to respect my emotions by taking time to slow down, breathe and process them. Increasing my emotional awareness through identifying and acknowledging each emotion and its trigger brings clarity in my daily life. Without that clarity in my everyday life, my ability to put things into perspective will be blocked. By understanding my own emotions brings me calmness and peacefulness. Peacefulness is what many of us long for in life. To me, peacefulness means that my head and heart are connected.  It puts me in touch with my healthy true self instantly. I feel the most confident when I am at peace. I have the most strength to walk towards my dream. Once my emotions take over, that means feeling distressed and fearful, and I know there are some underline deeper issues may occur. I take time to be in quietness and solitude to reflect, confront, and clear my fears. This process is challenging but extremely rewarding and healthy for my inner self.

Reflection Questions:

Do you have a dream that you want to put into reality? What have you tried in order to bring your dream comes true? You are welcome to share your story with us.