Initiating a “Shift”in 2019

Recognize your Needs and Wants

Many people define their identity through work, reputation, income level, or social status. They have been focusing on what the world expects them to be. Do they truly know what they really want? Are they able to listen and respect their inner voice?

Listening to your Inner Voice

How often are you able to pay attention to yourself? Are you familiar with what you really like or dislike? Are you able to recognize and understand different emotions in you? Do you notice the tiredness and tension in you? Do you know what has been draining your energy? How often are you on auto pilot?

Your Choice

This is the beginning of 2019. Living your life in an auto pilot or choosing a healthier and meaningful life, it’s all up to you. Do you know you can choose to keep ignoring the inner voice in you or you can choose to respond to your inner voice? Do you know once you start listening, respecting and responding to your inner voice, your life will be very different? The moment you have a desire to have a healthier you, you already start making a “shift” in you. The awareness in you is already waking up. Are you ready for such “shift”?

Reflection Question:

Welcome to share with us your goal(s) for 2019. We look forward to hearing your story.