Recharging Your Emotional Battery Through Genuine Connection

An Ordinary Day with An Extraordionary Experience

A few days ago, I was carrying two bags of groceries while I was walking back home from the bus stop. It’s about half a mile of walk. Almost a block away from my home, I saw my neighbor. My neighbor was an elderly man.  I knew him because I used to chat with him while we walked our dogs. He was always so gentle and kind. After asked me how far I needed to walk, he told me that he was going back home to get his car and offered me a ride home. At that moment, my heart was so touched, warmed, and squeezed by a big hug emotionally from his kindness. I felt vulnerable and loved. This was such a simple connection with spontaneously.

Genuine Connection

What is a genuine connection? What does it feel like? The goal of this blog is to share with you an example of a genuine connection in an ordinary day. How often are you aware of the emotional changes in your daily life?  What is the meaning of the emotional changes? How often do you respond to these emotions?  

Recharging Emotional Battery

My emotional battery was fully charged by this simple moment of connection. I felt loved and care for. My body felt very relaxed and joyful.  The distance between people diminished in this incidence. Isn’t this what we all long for? A healthy connection and closeness with one another?  


Are you aware of any moment of connection which would recharge your emotional battery? Do you remember what it felt like? You are welcome to share with us.