Trust in Healthy Relationship

Trust is the foundation of a healthy relationship.  Do you know what it feels when you are able to trust someone?  Who is in your life you can trust totally?  Do you recall your body sensation when you are with such person?  

What is Trust?

Trust is a state of mind which brings you peace and calmness.  Words and explanations cannot fully describe it until you experience it.  When you are able to listen and respond to your intuition, the moment of peacefulness generates.  It provides you a true sense of security from inside out.  Once you feel secure, your body feels relaxed, light and you are able to breathe in smoothly.  

What is Intuition?

Do you know we all have our intuition?  When you listen to your intuition and respond to it appropriately, you are tuning and strengthen the connection between your head and heart which is your true self.  Once you connect with your true self, peacefulness and calmness inside you will arise.  Emotional clarity develops as a result.  The sensor in you becomes accurate.  However, if you keep ignoring your intuition, a disconnect between your head and heart begins which triggers anxiety.  Of course your sensor is clouded and even blocked by your negative emotions if you continuously ignore your intuition over time.  Anxiety consumes you ultimately.

How does Anxiety Undermine Trust?

In reality, anxiety sometimes can undermine trust.  We all experience anxiety one way or the other.  Once people talk about anxiety, they already think it is a negative feeling.  In fact, anxiety is like an alarm inside you which provides you a signal and warning.  The function of anxiety is to communicate with you that the potential change or danger is coming.   How often are you aware of the anxiousness inside you?  Are you able to recognize the trigger of your anxiety? Are you able to understand the meaning underneath your anxiety?  Or perhaps you ignore the signal and push through it anyhow.  How often have you said to yourself, I wish I had listened to myself earlier?



Learning, practicing and experiencing the feeling of trust starts from within yourself.  If you are familiar with listening, respecting and responding to your sensors, a feeling of trust will develop.  Your body will remember the sensation comes with the feeling of trust.  

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