Providing Tranquility from Life’s Uncertain Seas

What is Living Harbor?

Living Harbor is a community created by many individuals who value emotional growth and maturity in a secure, authentic and lively environment. The attribute of Living Harbor includes Togetherness, Authenticity & Relationship. According to Aristotle, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.

Our Mission Statement: Living Your Healthy True Self™

Who Do We Serve?

Every individual, couple, and family goes through changes continually according to the Family Development Theory.  These changes are unavoidable and often have common themes of challenges.  If none of us could avoid any developmental changes, we might as well equip ourselves go through it courageously and confidently.  Living Harbor provides proactive strategies and tools to equip you psychologically and emotionally for your transition. “Prevention is better than cure” is the Key for Successful Transition™.  You can choose to bond with a group of like-minded individuals in a healthy community, and prepare, face and overcome these challenges together through continuing learning and serving.  The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  

Living Harbor is here to Serve

Parent Child Relationship

  • Stage 1   Decision to have a child 
  • Stage 2   With Young Children                   
  • Stage 3   With School-age Children  
  • Stage 4   With Teens    
  • Stage 5   With High School / College Children
  • Stage 6   With Adult Children and their Nuclear Families     

Couple Relationship

  • Stage 1  Dating
  • Stage 2  Marriage
  • Stage 3  Transition / Separation            
  • Stage 4  Widow / Post Divorce
  • Stage 5  Empty-nest / Retirement

Providing practical skills to deal with common challenges in each stage of the family life cycle is our commitment. Whichever stage you and/or your family are in, the family life cycle, Living Harbor offers target topic related to your situation.   

If you have been feeling lonely, anxious, trapped, scared, helpless, and isolated in your current situation, isn’t this is the time to learn something new and update your tool box?  Living Harbor provides a safe, fun, and creative setting for the upgrading process.  Through interactive workshops, online classes, online forum, social media, and retreats, members of Living Harbor support and coach one another to facilitate emotional growth and ultimately Restoring Your Healthy True Self™.  

This is an invitation from Living Harbor. Come and join us. It’s your “Choice” to respond to our invitation.


Living Harbor retreats provide the safe, fun, and friendly environments for individuals to achieve their healthy true self. These retreats are a guided discovery of our Life Navigation Tools and allow for personal discovery.

Private Counseling

Some individuals benefit from additional one-on-one coaching to help them along their path to chart their course towards life’s purpose and to realize their life’s potential.

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