Welcome to Living Harbor Academy

  • Do you sometimes feel stuck and overwhelmed?

  • Are you aware of any similarities or repetitive patterns related to these incidents?

  • Are you aware you could break these repetitive patterns?

  • Are you open to new possibilities to help you get unstuck?

Living Harbor Academy provides online courses which strengthen your
emotional fitness through practicing Living Your Healthy True Self™.


Are you ready to make the choice for a shift?

Online Classes:  

Restoring and Reconnecting Series

Restoring and Reconnecting Series is the foundational courses provides the basic concept for participants to learn about themselves.  Participants are highly recommended to start with the Restoring and Reconnecting Series.


Discovering Your Healthy True Self

“Discovering Your Healthy True Self” is a four-part mini practice series to provide tools for participants to find and understand the meaning of a Healthy True Self. Throughout the series, each participant will discover their individual healthy true self through learning and practicing Emotional Clarity, Establishing Genuine Communication, Building Authentic Confidence, and Setting Realistic Expectations.

Establishing Your Healthy Boundaries: Saying “No?” – No Problem

“Establishing Your Healthy Boundaries: Saying ‘No?’ – No Problem” is a two-part mini practice series. The purpose of this series is to understand how boundaries work in reality. Exploring how your previous relationships affect the present. Respecting your boundaries from inside out is the key to build healthy and meaningful relationship.

Practicing Gentleness in Every Chapter of Your Life

“Practice Gentleness In Every Chapter of Your Life” is a four-part mini practice series designed to teach participants how to practice gentleness in everyday life through seeing, hearing, and feeling their emotions.

Embracing Your Healthy Relationship Series

“Embracing Your Healthy Relationship Series” is developed to provide tools for participants to nurture their relationships. Bringing closeness, intimacy and maturity in your relationship is the ultimate goal in this series.

Embracing Your Healthy Relationship

“Embracing Your Healthy Relationship” is a five-part mini practice series. The purpose of this series is to provide strategies to improve emotional connections and authenticity in your relationship. Building a healthy, meaningful and long lasting relationship are the goals for this series.  

Pursuing Your Healthy Relationships in Dating

“Pursuing Healthy Relationships in Dating” is a five-part mini series. This series will provide practical tools for you to be successful in dating. In order to strengthen your competitiveness in the dating process, understanding your own emotions, improving your communication skills, building your confidence and setting realistic expectations will be addressed in this series.  

Riding the Emotional Roller Coaster with your Teens  (Coming Soon)

The purpose of this series is designed for parents with teenagers, 12 and older. Parents who want to improve, restore and reconnect emotionally with their teens.

Conquering Your Emotional Roller Coaster Ride for Teens (Coming Soon)

The purpose of this series is designed for teens who want to understand the power of their emotions.

Transforming the Betrayal  (Coming Soon)

Four-mini practice series. The purpose of this series is as follows:

  • Discovered the Betrayal:  To understand the emotions and effects from the betrayal.
  • Reboot from the Betrayal: To learn about how to make sense and make peace out of everything by identifying the warning signs of betrayal.
  • Defined the New You: To rebuild the healthy true self throughout the process.
  • Designed your future: To move forward and grow healthfully in the process.
If you are interested in any of these topics, please contact Laura Tsang: laura@lvingharbor.com for further information