Embracing Your Healthy Relationship

Living Harbor Academy Online Course



Embracing Your Healthy Relationship is a five-part mini practice series. The purpose of this series is to provide strategies to improve emotional connections and authenticity in your relationship.  Building a healthy, meaningful and long lasting relationship are the goals for this series.  


  1. Increasing Emotional Awareness & Understanding Your Partner’s Emotional State: This practice will focus on helping participants understand their own emotions and the meaning behind it. By understanding and improving our emotional awareness this will directly benefit us when we relate to others. 
  2. Building Better Communication Skills Between You & Your Partner: This practice will focus on your communication experiences from previous relationships. Different communication patterns will be addressed in this session.
  3. Embracing Better Communication Your Relationship through Mutual Respect: This practice will focus on learning practical skills in enhancing our day-to-day communication. Feeling heard and respected is crucial in this process. 
  4. Establishing Confidence in Your Relationship through Assertiveness: This practice is about supporting participants to gain confidence in expressing their needs and wants by asserting themselves. Becoming responsive instead of reactive in our daily living is the foundation to on the journey to build inner confidence within ourselves and relationships with others.
  5. Setting Realistic Expectations in Your Relationship: The goal for this practice is to assist participants to set realistic expectations through understanding the patterns in their existing relationships. Constructive skills will be addressed in these sessions.  


If you are interested in this course, welcome to contact Laura Tsang:  laura@livingharbor.com for further information.