Pursuing Your Healthy Relationships in Dating

Living Harbor Academy Online Course

Pursuing Healthy Relationships in Dating is a five-part mini series.  This series is providing practical tools for you to be successful in dating.  In order to strengthen your competitiveness in the dating process, understanding your own emotions, improving your communication skills, building your confidence and setting realistic expectations are going to be addressed in this series.  


  1. Understanding Your Emotions through awareness and emotional clarity.
  1. Becoming an Excellent Communicator Part 1 by learning how to improve your communication skills by connecting your head to your heart. 
  1. Becoming an Excellent Communicator Part 2 by learning how to recognize what makes your communication effective in a romantic relationship.
  1. Developing Unshakeable Confidence by improving your self-esteem.
  1. Setting Realistic Expectations through respecting your true self instead of keep comparing yourself to others.


If you are interested in taking this course, welcome to contact Laura Tsang: laura@livingharbor.com for further information.