Building Healthy Relationships

“Building Healthy Relationships” builds on the foundation from previous Living Harbor Retreat Series. This five-part series helps people in relationships rekindle their spark. At the end of this series, clients will be able to communicate more effectively and will be on a healthier more stable path. This retreat works for spouses, significant others, parents and children, friends, co-workers, or extended families. If you want to strengthen an important relationship in your life, you are welcome to come alone or with the partner to build these skills one step at a time. 

Building Emotional Awareness & Understanding Your Partner’s Emotional State

This session teaches participants their own emotional awareness as well as the emotional cues of their partners. This session shows participants the power of managing their emotions and their partners emotional cues instead of reacting to them.

Building Better Communication Skills Between You & Your Partner

This is a two-part session that helps participants and their partners understand each other’s communication patterns. In addition, participants learn how their own emotions have a direct impact on their partners. During this session, we will also focus on constructive conflict resolution skills within a healthy emotional spectrum.

Building Confidence in your Relationship(s)

This session helps participants and their partners build confidence by understanding, balancing, and expressing their emotions within a healthy emotional spectrum.  A key component of building our inner confidence is the validation of our partners.

Building Realistic Expectations in Your Relationships

This session helps participants and their partners set realistic goals and expectations in their relationships.  It is important for individuals to realize that one of the most-consistent themes that leads to anxieties is conscious and subconscious expectation-setting by their partners. Understanding these expectations is key to a lasting, meaningful, and happy relationship.