The foundation of the Living Harbor series is a commitment to emotional support. This support helps all members of the Living Harbor create, maintain, and persist as everybody’s healthy true self. Only once we persist as a healthy true self are we able to achieve our life’s purpose at our highest-potential. 

What is a Healthy True Self?

A healthy true self is an individual that possesses positive personality traits and behaviors. These traits and behaviors fulfill an individual and encourage emotional and spiritual growth. These individuals also supports others’ emotional development. A healthy true self shares their enlightenment with those around them. This generosity forces an individual to achieve their highest potential effortlessly. Strangely, this generosity does not drain the individual. It actually energizes and perpetuates further emotional growth.

Perhaps the best description of a Healthy True Self is a characterization of what it is not.

What is an Unhealthy Facade?

While a Healthy True Self is filled with love and warmth, an unhealthy facade is full of negativity and jealousy. Similarly, a healthy self is open and accepting, an unhealthy facade is secretive and manipulative. Unfortunately, these unhealthy individuals exert all of their energy maintaining appearances. These negative energies perpetuate themselves in even more negativity. However, unlike the positive forces, exerting negative energies drain an individual spiritually, emotionally, and even physically.

Choosing a Healthy True Self or an Unhealthy Facade?

The most powerful element of our human existence is free will. That we choose our destiny is the core of the human experiment. We are all granted a set of circumstances, but we are not incumbent upon them. We have the ability and the responsibility to shape our environs. We can also create our existence and we can perceive these environs in the light that we choose to view them.

A healthy true self is an individual who views their environs in a positive light and believes in the power of humanity to forever better our environs

We shall not be forever jealous of that which we do not have and forever grateful for all that we possess. 

What is your Life’s Purpose? What is your Highest Potential?

Within our society are individuals who are destined to be artists, philanthropists, tradesman, mothers, uncles, friends, statesman, explorers, and achievers. To reach their purpose, all individuals need the support of encouraging individuals. They also need this support indefinitely. For these individuals to achieve such masterful achievements, they will inevitably need to experiment and they will need to fail and to learn. This is the consistent pattern of achievement. This is the consistent pattern of the human race.

A healthy true self is a person that is striving for achievement and provides a sympathetic ear and encouragement to those around them.

Are you one of these achievers? What is your Life’s Purpose? How high can you achieve? What is your Highest Potential?